'Condition' is abroad and contextual concept.
One could be conditioned, endure a condition, or exist conditionally.

More complex still, the concept 'woman' is emotionally-charged, contentious, and powerful.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Concepts in Conflict

My relationship with femininity, particularly my own, has always been complicated. I embrace and embody some characteristics without reservation, but honestly, sometimes I wish for balls. Albeit wrinkly and overall disgraceful, they serve to deflect constant interruptions in group conversations, inherently increase the value of your ideas and work, and generate unjustified confidence.

Still, I revel in dressing femininely, wearing skirts and heels, feeling sexy, and the power of my sexuality. More subtly, I appreciate the closeness of my friendships, my ability to connect with people, to experience empathy, and to feel deeply. 

In fairness to femaleness, the intermittent yearning for my very own hairy testicles is not resultant of innate and authentic characteristics of 'woman', but rather the perpetuated assumptions and generalizations contending I am not powerful, smart or scrappy as fuck. I hate the idea of domestication, presumptive role as the primary parent, and instability of female emotions and behavior as less stable.

The most extraordinary aspects of the female condition have been diluted and dramatized, normalizing and justifying persistent inequity.  

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